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Services and Prices




Eyebrows (waxing & threading)  $26

This service will give your eyebrows the alignment and shape it needs to enhance your eyes more, and in return, will make you come out feeling beautiful and fresh. 


Eyebrows Tinting  $16

This service gives your eyebrows a more defined look allowing a fuller color to your brows. The color lasts on the eyebrow hair up to six weeks.


Perfect Eyebrows with Tinting  $37

This combined service of both necessities is a 100% satisfaction of looking and feeling glamorous! 

Eyelash Tinting  $25

This service gives your natural lashes a dark finish, can be brown or black, lasting 6 weeks and with out using mascara.


Eyelash Lift  $75

This services makes your natural eyelashes appear longer, fuller and stay curled up to 8 weeks, without using eyelash extensions and no aftercare required. Great alternative!

Upper lip  $10

Nostrils  $10

Nose outside  $12

Chin  $12

Side burns  $15

Full face (exclude eyebrows)  $40



Under arms  $17

Half arms  $28

Full arms  $40

Chest  $25

Stomach strip  $10

Stomach  $25

Back  $40

Lower Back  $18

Regular bikini (excludes butt strip)  $22

Detailed bikini (excludes butt strip)  $28

Brazilian bikini (excludes butt strip)  $33

Butt strip  $17

Buttocks  $22

lower legs (include toes)  $28

Upper Legs  (include toes)  $33

Full legs  (include toes)  $55






Eyebrow  $26

This service will give you a

perfect masculine eyebrow look.


Eyebrow tinting  $18


Nostrils  $11

Nose outside  $12

Ears  $17

Between brows  $10




Half arms  $40

Full arms  $50

Hands  $18

Chest  $35

Stomach  $35

Back of neck  $18

Back (include shoulder & back of neck) $65

Speedo (excludes butt strip)  $40

Brazilian (excludes butt strip)  $55

Butt strip  $26

Buttocks  $33

Lower legs (include toes&Instep)  $38

Upper legs (include toes&Instep)  $45

Full legs (include toes&Instep)  $70

Toes & Instep  $18