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Waxing is a very popular method of semi-permanent hair removal. 

This technique removes the hair from the root, and the new hair does not grow back for two to three weeks. If waxing is done regularly for several years, the benefit is reducing the amount of hair that grows back. I offer a professional and hygienic service. Disposable gloves are worn during all services. 

The type of wax I use are soft and hard wax, low temperature, hypoallergenic and very high quality, this is the most suitable for removing unwanted hair. I regulate and test the wax temperature before it goes near your skin.  I have a strict rule of no re-dipping the wooden stick into the wax pot. 

After each and every client, all the equipment used for waxing is disinfected with optimum bactericidal and barbicide concentrate.

Every effort is made to ensure your visit is pleasant.


Waxing perfection is operated by Jessica D. Anzola. She is a cosmetologist licensed with over 15 years of experience in facial and body waxing. Her passion about the beauty industry ensures to be updated with the latest techniques and trends. She brings a unique and fresh approach to her work, and is known to be one of the best eyebrow specialist.

She looks forward to providing you with premium services. 

Men wax too

Waxing isn't just for the ladies, men deserve to be catered too! 

If you think only metrosexuals, gay men, or triathletes would choose to go totally bare down there, think again. 

Hairlessness among men is growing in popularity for all types of guys, from straight to ultra conservative to liberal, according to a recent New York Times article. More men are becoming open to getting waxed because their girlfriends and wives are encouraging them to clean up. Usually men come back after the first time because waxing makes you feel more confident! Plus it saves time since you don’t have to shave daily, and eventually hair starts to grow back thinner so you don’t need to come in as often. The best part is that it helps relieve ingrown hairs caused by shaving. 


For more information refer to: "Men's Fitness" magazine. 

"Manscaping: A Guy's Guide to Getting Rid of Body Hair"

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